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朱: Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the English Speaking Competition for Detail Drawing Department.

霍:各位领导,各位同事,大家下午好!欢迎各位出席本次 详图部的个人风采 英语演讲比赛。

朱: My name is 朱祥山。

霍: My name is 霍文婷 。

朱: As we all know, English becomes more and more popular. It is proper to say that English is an international language because it has been used by most of the nations in the world.


朱: It is true that if we know English well, we can communicate with the foreigners and do business with other countries in the world. A man who speaks English owns a valuable tool of communicating with others throughout the world.


朱: cisdi is determined to become an international company with strong competition. So, English is much more important for every one, especially for the employees in cisdi.


朱: Now today, we are holding the English Speaking Competition here, we hope that the speakers will take the opportunity to practice their oral English much. We hope we can give the speakers all our support.




朱: This competition will be mediated by a panel of five judges. Now, I have the great privilege of presenting today’s judges.

霍:这次比赛,我们很荣幸地邀请到了 7 名评委,下面我将向大家逐一介绍。

朱: The first judge is Mr. Li welcome.


朱: Next is Mr. yang welcome…

霍: XXX ,大家欢迎。







朱: OK, after introducing our judges, now let’s go over the rules of the competition.

霍:介绍完评委之后,让我们来看一下今天的评分标准。(请张娜切换 PPT )

朱: And this competition will be decided at one first prize, three second prize and four third prize.


朱: It is a great pleasure for me to declare the opening of the English Speaking Competition.


朱: Now let’s welcome contestant No.1— 张娜 . She will tell us a truth that each person"s destiny is in our own hands, if we want to change our own destiny, we must learn to change ourselves. Her topic is <Changing Ourselves>.

霍:现在,让我们有请 1 号选手:张娜,她将告诉我们一个道理:每个人的命运都掌握在自己手里,如果想要改变自己的命运,则必须学会改变自己。她的演讲题目是《改变自己》。

朱: Thanks to the contestant No.1’s wonderful performance.

朱: I remember that the boss told us to change the concept when we just joined the company, after a year, what have we changed from a freshmen? Now let’s welcome contestant No.2-- 霍文婷 She will tell us the changing about Detail Drawing Department last year. 下面有请 2 号选手霍文婷来跟我们讲讲这一年来详图部的变化。

朱: YES, we have been making a great progress in conception and technical skills in the past year. Next, let’s welcome contestant No.3-- 刘琦 and 王琳玲 They will show the meeting about A technologic exchange meeting with a foreign designer.

霍:是的,一年多来,无论在观念上还是专业技术上,我们都成长了不少,下面欢迎 3 号参赛选手刘琦和王琳玲带领大家来到与外商讨论技术修改的会议现场。

朱: Under the influence of the economic crisis, what can we do? I am sure everyone has different answers. Then, let’s welcome contestant No.4-- 杨伟莉 , what is her point?

霍:在经济危机的影响下,我们可以做些什么?相信每个人的回答都不一样,那么,下面就让我们听听 4 号选手杨伟莉对这个问题的看法。

朱: Actually, we are all affected by economic crisis. But we must maintain an optimistic attitude. Let’s welcome contestant No.5— 施宏波 , he will tell us that we can not live in yesterday"s crisis. We should boldly go out of the shadows of crisis, and live in the present.

霍:经济危机的确使很多人都受到了影响,但是我们依然要保持积极乐观的心态,下面有请 5 号选手施宏波将用他的演讲来告诉我们,我们不能活在昨日的危机里,而应勇敢地走出阴影,活在当下。

朱: I agree with the views of 施宏波 . Live in the present; do not always complaining about the unfairness of life. 徐天宇 also agree with this view. Let’s welcome contestant No.6— 徐天宇 . She will take us into a world without complain.


朱: Do you know? Actually, 金昊 just is the one who never complain anything.

霍: Really?

朱: Yes, he is. For example, he looks upon this economic crisis as an opportunity. Now, let’s welcome contestant No.7— 金昊 .

霍:刚才朱祥山告诉我,我们详图部的金昊,就是一个从来都不会怨天尤人的例子。那么,下面就有请 7 号选手金昊为我们叙述一下危机中的机遇与挑战。

朱: For detail drawing, I think the most important thing is the responsibility. Last but not least, let’s welcome contestant No.8— 陈德怀 , tell us his point of responsibility.


朱: Thanks to the last contestant’s wonderful performance. And now, let’s have a short breath and wait for the final results. For this period, let’s welcome Mr. ___ to give us a comment on this competition.

霍:感谢 8 位选手为我们带来的精彩演讲。现在,让我们稍作休息等待比赛的最终结果。在这段时间里,让我们有请李总来给本次比赛作个点评。欢迎!

朱: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the English Speaking Competition. After our judges’ discussion, the exciting moment is coming.


朱: Right now, let me announce the list of third prize , they are


(朱报一个,霍报一个,一共 4 个)

Congratulations !(一起说)

朱: Let’s welcome Mr. ___ award prize for these winners.


朱: Thank you Mr. ___. let me announce the list of second prize , they are


(朱报一个,霍报一个,一共 3 个)

Congratulations !(一起说)

朱: Let’s welcome Mr. ___ award prize for these winners.


朱: Thank you Mr. ___. Now, what I am going to announce is the first winner, Ladies and gentlemen, The most exciting moment is coming, the first winner of the competition is ____________.


霍:感谢田部长为我们颁奖,现在我要宣布的是今天一等奖的获得者,各位,本次比赛的一等奖是 ____ ,祝贺!!

朱: Let’s welcome Mr. ___ award prize for the first winner.


朱: Please allow me to conclude by thanking to the judges and contestants" wonderful performance. And wish everyone here has a bright future. Our competition has come to an end.


朱: Thank you for your coming! Goodbye.

一起: Goodbye.


As the saying goes: "one minute on stage, the audience ten years of practice." If a person is very successful, not given to others, the more does not fall down from the sky. Is to rely on our own efforts, hard fight. In order to mainly comes from diligent study is not to be jealous.

Each person"s ability is not innate, but rely on their own hard work and to. For example, the German mathematician, physicist and astronomer Gauss. His childhood love of learning, life and made great contributions to the cause of science, but if he doesn"t work hard learning since childhood, he could not become a famous science giants. No hard learning is impossible achievement. There are many such examples, can be said that every successful people have to study hard, strive to explore.

The point of learning is to "learn" and "dare to learn". If your dream is to become an achievement, can make people respected, but you don"t want to, or dare not to learn will be without a single success. Madame Curie and her husband in order to prove the existence of radium, go through untold hardships, risked the loss of life, through their diligence, hard work eventually extracted 1/10 grams of extremely pure chloride of radium, and accurate determination of the atomic weight of it, confirmed the existence of radium. This is what an amazing facts. It was Mrs. Curie"s willing to do, do it confirmed the existence of radium. Therefore, in order to become a talented person, must from "learn", "dare to learn".


I have been in University for about one year. During my stay here, I came to realize that university life is like drinking coke. We experience all tastes of life here, sour, sweet, bitter and hot.

I am from Province, which is far away from here. I often miss my Mum, friends, and relatives in my hometown. However, I can"t see them very often. So loneliness always keeps me company. I am sad that I can"t be there with them.

Lucky for me, life in university is rich and colorful. With more free time,we can do many more things besides study, such as joining societies clubs, and taking part-time jobs. Such activities not only make our life more colorful, but also help us improve all kinds of skills. The university is a society miniature, what we learn here will benefit our future life.

Our path in life will not always be smooth. Setbacks can"t be avoided. Failing an important exam, break up with boy or girl friend, or refused by a promising company, such setbacks are likely to get us down. Sometimes we fell so frustrated that we even burst into tears.

Drinkin coke is wonderful, despite the undesirble consequent hiccups. It"s bitter, sour and peppery, but also sweet. And you"ll even feel excited after gulping down a glass. A college experience is part of growing up. We cry, smile, fall in love, get hurt, leave, learn and then we become a better person.

University life is like drinking coke. I"m experiencing it. And I know, I enjoy it!